Compaq Deskpro EN P1.13GHz ROM Image BIOS ücretsiz indir (ver. 99.­08.­18)

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ROM Image (ver. 99.­08.­18) ZIP çıktı 1999.08.18.

Dosya indirildi 0 kere ve görüntülendi 6521 kere.

Kategori PC
Marka Compaq
Cihaz Deskpro EN P1.13GHz
İşletim sistemleri BIOS
Sürüm 99.­08.­18
Dosya boyutu 1.88 Mb
Dosya türü ZIP
Çıktı 1999.08.18
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ROM Image for Compaq Deskpro EN P1.­13GHz Type: BIOS This software creates .­CAB files that contain a binary image for the System ROM and Language Module options for Deskpro EN Series models with a 686T3 Family ROM.­ The ROM Family and ROM date can be determined by running F10 Setup.­ A unique feature of the ROM is one that allows the user to select the language used in F10 Setup.­ The user may choose between Danish,­ Dutch,­ English,­ Finnish,­ French,­ German,­ Italian,­ Japanese,­ Norwegian,­ Portuguese,­ Spanish,­ or Swedish.­ Please note,­ however,­ that the user sees the chosen language only in F10 Setup,­ not in the operating system.­ This ROM version is compatible for use with Windows 2000.­

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